Teaching at Drexel (2014 - current)

           ECON 321: Intermediate Macroeconomics (undergraduate)

            ECON 925: Macroeconomic Dynamics (Ph.D.)

            ECON 941: Time Series Econometrics (Ph.D.)

Teaching at Wharton (2008 - 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017)

            FNCE 101: Monetary Economics & the Global Economy (undergraduate)

            FNCE 613: Macroeconomics and the Global Economic Environment (MBA semester course) 

            FNCE 615: Macroeconomics and the Global Economic Environment (MBA quarter course) 


Teaching at Université du Québec à Montréal (2002 - 2008)

ECO1003: Perspectives de l'économique (undergraduate)

ECO7011: Macroéconomie avancée I (MA & PhD)

ECO8061: Cycles et Politiques économiques (MA & PhD)

ECO9011: Macroéconomie avancée II (PhD)

ECO9230: Sujets en macroéconomie (PhD)

MBA8402: Macroeconomics (executive MBA)

Invited teaching

Short Course in DSGE Modeling
Central-German Doctoral Program in Economics, Martin-Luther Universität Halle (Germany), September 2010

Monetary Policy Transmission and Inflation Targeting
Central Bankers course, Study Center Gerzensee (Switzerland), May 2008

Macroeconomics seminar (undergraduate)
    École des HEC, Université de Lausanne (Switzerland), Spring 2006 & 2008